Stopping the COVID-19 Chain by Using ThermalNow

According to experts around the world, COVID19 has changed the way how businesses operate. They have also indicated that COVID19 is here to stay. We are reminded regularly to practise personal hygiene to protect ourselves and all others around us.

ThermalNow! is a contactless thermal screening and registration system that your business can deploy to help to prevent an outbreak. It automatically records and stores the temperature of your employees and visitors every time they enter your premises. You do not need extra manpower to be stationed at every entrance/exit of your office or shopping malls. This is a great saving for your business doing this uncertain time and careful planning of cash flow should be the top of the agenda for all organisations.

In light of this, contact tracing is a crucial part of curbing the spread of the virus and quickly identify the individual who is the potential to form another cluster. In addition to providing name, mobile number, and/or NRIC number, you are also required to take the temperature of the person visiting your office, shopping mall, and factory. This naturally becomes an additional requirement for the business owners to come up with a solution to perform this contact tracing.

What are the main 5 features you must know before getting ThermalNow!?

1. Contactless Social Distancing
There is no need for physical handling of the thermometer as this system record the temperature completely using facial recognition, thus eliminating any possible physical contact. Reports can be generated on demand for audit purpose

2. Time Attendance
This system is capable of integrating with your payroll system and act as a time attendance system that record all employees’ time in and time out movement, hence greatly enhance productivity if you are currently not using such a system

3. Alarm and Evidence
Whenever a fever is detected, an alarm is triggered immediately to the management for action and follow up

4. Speed and Accuracy
As high as 99% accuracy for facial recognition and is able to scan in less than 0.2 seconds per user with a temperature of +/- 0.5°C

5. Enforce Mask-Wearing
The ThermalNow! system is capable of prompting the employee or visitor should they forget to wear a mask and prevent them from entering the premises until the mask is properly put on. Of course, this feature can be turned off at your discretion.

Watch this video to see ThermalNow! in action.

This system comes with a visitor registration system as well as integrating with your current turnstile.

Why should you use thermal technology in facial recognition?

Thermal technology has been widely used in temperature screening as it offers more flexibility and efficiency in a preliminary screening of elevated skin-surfaced temperature. It is also because of using artificial intelligence (AI) technology that has greatly reduced the chances of false alarms due to other possible heat sources. The algorithm is able to compensate with the ambient temperature and the distance of the target which gives better results.

ThermalNow! is able to address 3 major pain points faced by the conventional method.

1. Close Contact.
This poses a high risk when the person is measuring the temperature of the employees or visitors.

2. High Cost.
There is obviously increased in manpower which greatly reduces the efficiency when using the conventional 1-by-1 inspection method.

3. Lack of Intelligent Analytics.
Manual registration will lead to human error and lack the ability to provide timely feedback.

Where can you use ThermalNow!

ThermalNow! is suitable for indoor installation. Therefore, you can use it in the airports, offices, schools, factories as well as in hospitals.

Operation Tips for using with ThermalNow!

– Ensure you install this in a windless indoor environment
– Have proper marking on the floor to ensure optimal distance between the camera and the persons
– Setup your specific temperature measurement zone, e.g. 35 – 38 degree celsius.

Get ThermalNow! And help to prevent the virus from spreading in the community.


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