Disaster Recovery

Why backup?

Most companies do not have proper backup
and recovery policies in place. They are lulled
into a false sense of security which could lead to
irrecoverable data loss.This leads to data loss
and non-ideal backup situations.

However, during unforeseen cases like sabo-
tage, system hacking, hardware failure and di-
sasters, companies without a proper backup
system in place often lose most, if not all, of
their important data.

What can we offer?

With our unique TechSurance technology, we
enable companies with various types of backup
policies to confidently concentrate on their
business. We provide incremental backups of
their critical and confidential data which is safely
secured in our private cloud.

TechSurance is the ideal cloud backup solution
for IT environments of any capacity. It is the
industry’s most secure, scalable and
easy-to-manage online backup while being able
to provide on-demand data recovery service.
TechSurance is the best choice to protect all of
your business data.

Steps we take to backup your important data:


Install backup pro-
gram to your data


Do first initial
backup of data or
file server


Securely upload
backup information
to our server


Turn on the backup
program, which will
backup all your
data every night

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